Thursday, July 3, 2008

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I thank you very much for your frequenting and reading my articles that obviously attracted your interest as baker a interested in the baking trade. From my part I have tried to convey the best of the news for you all to keep inform I am now made a decision to cease operations of this blog and transfer all to my new forum yet I have to decide on my strategies which are few and demand some studying.
The forum will have some additional benefits and you may subscribe for free so I hope to see you there if you have a genuine interest in this trade.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grocers wary of retail price monitoring system - ABC News (Australian)

The ACCC is setting up a website to publish the cost of items including milk, meat and vegetables.

The National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia (NARGA) says a Federal Government plan to monitor and compare grocery prices will be complex and difficult.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) received money in this month's Federal Budget to set up a website to publish the cost of items including milk, meat and vegetables.

NARGA chief executive officer Ken Henrick says previous comparisons have failed to compare goods because sizes and products vary depending on the store and area.

Mr Henrick says they are not opposed to the idea of price monitoring but he says it needs to be accurate, citing recent price monitoring done in Sydney.

"As we seen in the past, errors can occur and business can be damaged with no reason and no basis because of inaccurate information," he said.

Grocers wary of retail price monitoring system - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Friday, May 30, 2008

Farmers group to lobby for national food policy - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Queensland Farmers Federation says it will lobby state and federal leaders to develop a national food policy.

Chief executive John Cherry says he would like the Federal Government to form a policy so political decisions are examined for their impact on food prices.

Mr Cherry says recent rises in fuel prices have hit farmers and primary producers hard and made the issue more urgent.

He says a national policy would help address spiralling costs and food shortages.

"Whether we're talking about grains, whether we're talking about milk, even meat products, there is a worldwide shortage on almost all of these commodities at the moment," he said.

"From that point of view, import markets are a lot tighter than they were maybe five, even three years ago.

"From that point of view what we need is to start thinking about how we start expanding food production in this country rather than contracting it."

Farmers group to lobby for national food policy - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Salt & Human Health: Iodine Deficiency: Salt Institute endorses mandated salt iodization for Australian bakers

Salt Institute endorses mandated salt iodization for Australian bakers

Australia and New Zealand have a problem with eroding levels of iodine nutrition for which the universal consensus solution is using iodized salt. Responsibly, FSANZ, the nations' joint regulatory body, has concluded that bakers should be mandated to use iodized salt in their bread. If that proves insufficient, the universe of foods can be expanded. Today, the Salt Institute endorsed the approach for Australia, as it had done earlier for New Zealand.

Replacing plain salt with iodized salt in bread is technologically feasible and well-tested. Relying on iodized salt, of course, is the international standard, and a step-wise approach preserves the flexibilty to go back and fine-tune the rule if ongoing monitoring shows bread alone isn't enough. But it may be enough. FSANZ's analysis estimates that currently 40% of the population is either slightly or seriously iodine-deficient. Using iodized salt in bread should reduce that to less than 10%.

Salt & Human Health: Iodine Deficiency: Salt Institute endorses mandated salt iodization for Australian bakers.

Baking Industry Heading to. Poll

I have decided to conduct a poll surveying baker's thoughts regarding future baking profitability and strategies.
Siffice to say I have received great feedback from Australian and overseas wheat market sources.
New horizons are opening up with obvious threats and opportunities to wheat growers and wheat export deregulation will have an impact on the baking resources and business with obvious repercussions on retail wholesale pricing to the end consumer.
This study may end up as with interesting results (hopefully enough samples may be collected) as to where and how
pricing policy is made in bakeries throughout the country.

Just go and register and participate for free at my Australian Bakers Forum

Only Australian IP will be collected for this poll

Thank you

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Energy Savings Measurement Guide

If you want to estimate, measure, evaluate and track your energy savings, then the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism's Energy Savings Measurement Guide can help.

The Guide aims to help you to:

  • estimate and measure energy savings
  • quantify costs and benefits of energy efficiency opportunities
  • report accurately on savings identified and implemented.

For more information or to download a copy of the Energy Savings Measurement Guide, visit the Energy Efficiency Opportunities website.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marvels of Bread Part7

Part 7 of an US documentary about the evolution of bread

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bakery industry event to focus on sustainability

By Lorraine Heller

14-May-2008 - Sustainability in the bakery industry will be the focus of an event to take place next month in the UK, which aims to bring together ingredients makers as well as manufacturers of finished products.
The event, organised by the Association of Bakery Ingredient Manufactures (ABIM), will examine sustainability issues in the environmental, social and economic sectors.

According to ABIM executive secretary Anne Boyd, the half-day conference - Building a Sustainable Bakery Industry - is designed to help the industry become more competitive in the context of today's market demands.

The skills challenge

"If the industry is to maintain its competitiveness, we need a skilled workforce

Healthy consumer

The event will also provide an overview of the consumer trends and demands currently affecting the bakery industry.
Will discuss how many UK consumers are making conscious health choices and what are they are buying. He will also provide insights on what the future might hold for the bakery industry.
Indeed, the trend for healthy and functional bakery products is expected to continue to dominate the bakery market this year, resulting in yet still more space for innovation in this area, according to a recent report from another market researcher.
One of the priorities for manufacturers of bakery ingredients and finished goods is therefore to tailor their products to meet this consumer demand for products that both boost their nutritional input and flatter their vanity.


In light of the greater move towards health, industry is also faced with the need to reformulate products, in order to meet new government initiatives to cut salt, fat and sugar from processed foods.
Environmental sustainability

Another issue to be examined is environmental sustainability.

Food Innovation Centre will discuss the challenges and opportunities for environmentally sustainable and innovative business in the bakery sector.

Bakery industry event to focus on sustainability.